Jul 12 2008

Charities Supported

During 2007-2008, The Emily C. Specchio Foundation has been very active in supporting Emily’s Charities.Due to your generosity:

  • $20,000 has been donated to the now ENDOWED Emily Carrigg Specchio Memorial Scholarship at Virginia Tech (more information can be found on our VT Scholarship Page)
  • $4,000 has been donated to the Foundation for Peace, a charity dedicated to helping those in need in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Kenya.
  • $3,000 has been donated to The College of Saint Elizabeth to establish study abroad opportunities in Emily’s name.
  • $1,000 to the Reema J. Samaha VT Campus Security and Safety Fund. (Reema was a victim of the 4/16/07 shootings at Virginia Tech and younger sister of Emily’s close friend and PSP brother, Omar Samaha).
  • $500 to the Emily C. Specchio Outstanding Intern Dietetic Award at Montclair State University.
  • $1,000 to the Phi Sigma Pi Relay for Life team at Virginia Tech.

Thank you for supporting the Emily C. Specchio Foundation!

We look forward to doing and giving more in 2008-2009!

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