Scholarship Dedication Ceremony

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Ceremony for the dedication of the plaque commemorating the Emily Carrigg Specchio Memorial Scholarship:

On Thursday, August 23rd 2007, a dedication ceremony took place at the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech for Emily’s endowed memorial scholarship. The ceremony went beautifully. Emily’s immediate family,  Aunt Mary Beth , Aunt Peggy and many of Emily’s Phi Sigma Pi brothers attended. Dr. Richard E. Sorenson, the dean of the Pamplin College of Business, started off with a few nice words about Emily and how excited he was about a new endowed scholarship for the business school. He then unveiled a BEAUTIFUL plaque that will be hung in perpetuity in the Pamplin Building at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Kent Nakamoto, the head of the department of Marketing, then spoke about the scholarship and the Lugano Study abroad program in which Emily participated. Dr. Nakamoto had Emily in two of his classes, one in Lugano, and one that was a doctoral class that she was going to use towards her Masters in Marketing. He was very impressed with Emily’s drive and ambition, and knows the scholarship will help others who have similar goals.

Dr. David Brinberg, professor in Marketing, gave a really nice speech on the direction he sees both the Lugano program and the masters/doctoral programs in Marketing going. Currently there are projects going on (many by Emily’s Lugano roommate, Meghan Pierce) with Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) in South Africa to help assess needs and allocation of funds to maximize helping the people in need. Dr. Brinberg sees these programs expanding in the future to other areas in Africa as well as areas in Central America and South America. Emily would be very excited and proud of these aspirations and it is fitting her scholarship will help those who aspire to help others.

Emily’s dad then presented the University with a check for $20,000 raised from the recent fundraiser for the Emily C. Specchio Foundation (a huge thank you to all who helped make this fundraiser such an amazing success!!). He then thanked everyone who helped make this scholarship a reality. Emily’s mom and sister, Kate, then said a few words on Emily’s life and other ways we are helping to keep her dreams alive with the foundation supporting the Foundation for Peace Dominican trips and other organizations Emily was very passionate about such as Relay for Life and Teach for America.

Everone then moved to the atrium of the Pamplin College of Business, where all the plaques of endowed scholarships are displayed for some pictures. Emily’s plaque will be added to the wall this semester!!

There is a write-up about Emily and her memorial scholarships in the Virginia Tech Pamplin magazine.  Thanks again to all who supported this memorial scholarship. We are confident that this scholarship will help keep Emily’s aspirations and dreams alive for many many years to come!!

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